Rifle Classes

    Precision Rifle I

    Sight your target nine football fields away, and hit it!

    We are working on a class schedule for spring 2018.
    If you are not already on the email list, use the Contact Us form, or you can check this page starting early March 2018 for a list of class dates.

    In Precision Rifle I, you learn marksmanship fundamentals, with elementary wind reading and distance estimating, over one full weekend. Please be prepared to shoot both days. Your instructor will teach and test you on:

    · Safety
    · Rifle ballistics
    · Shooting position
    · Rifle data book use
    · Zeroing, sight adjustments, scope theory, mildot range estimation
    · Trigger control, bolt manipulation, loading and unloading
    · Rifle preparation and fitting
    · Cleaning and maintenance
    · Target engagement from 25 to 900 yards
    · Wind estimation and compensation

    Equipment needed:

    · Precision scoped 308 rifle (rental rifles are $205/wknd)
    · Cleaning equipment for weapon (included in rifle rental)
    · Eye and ear protection
    · Elbow pads (not needed if you have a shooting jacket)
    · Ammunition: 160 rounds Federal AE308D and 80 rounds Federal GM308M2
    · Bipod or pack for rest (included in rifle rental)
    · Pocket calculator
    · Shooting mat or pad (included in rifle rental)
    · Clothing suitable for weather conditions
    · Shooting jacket (highly recommended and available for rent)
    · Spotting scope (optional)

    Tuition is $695, NOT including equipment rental or ammunition.

    We use a private range in the Central Valley, 2.5 hours from Cupertino.

    Rain will cause this class to be rescheduled. Some of the terrain is dangerous when wet.

    In the Central Valley, a spore called Coccidioides immitis can become airborne via soil disturbance and cause Valley Fever, or Coccidioidomycosis. The illness is usually mild, with flu-like symptoms. Susceptible people may suffer serious or even fatal illness. Anyone with a compromised immune system should sign up for one of our private lessons, which we give at a Bay Area range.

    Students are in the field 12 hours on Saturday and seven hours on Sunday. Exact hours depend on weather and students’ progress. We can accommodate students with mobility issues. For example, students who cannot shoot prone can shoot from a bench. Mention any mobility issues when you sign up, and we’ll figure out if we can work around it.