Partial list of gunsmithing services at Kerleys:

Bolt Action Rifles (Remington, Winchester, Springfield, Mauser, Savage, among others)

* Rebarrel
* Mauser type extractor cut
All barrel work is performed in a double 4-jaw lathe set up with a total indicator reading of +-.0001″ of bore centerline

* Square most bolt actions

* Install most pre-fit barrels (no crown)
* Mosin Nagant pre-fit barrel install
* Cut barrel for heavy recoil lug (Remington type)
* Pre fit Savage with barrel nut
* M1 Garand/M14 install barrel (fully chambered barrel)
* Torque shoulder and/or chamber reaming on M1/M14

* Set Barrel back and rechamber (most bolt actions, no crown)

* Thread bolt for tactical handle 5/16-24 tpi stud
* Reinforce screw @ root (8-40 #10 Torx, heat treated)
* With handle thread job
* Weld bolt handle for low scope
* Modify receiver and stock for bolt weld

* Drilling and tapping (3 hole minimum charge)
* Cut sight dovetails (1911 slides, rifle barrels, and more)
* Dovetail sight fitting (not including with dovetail cut)

* Cut clip slot in Remington and Winchester actions
* For target rifles (1903 Springfield/Winchester M70 pattern slot)
* Remington 40-X pattern

* Crown muzzle (precision crown)
* Precision crown while in lathe for other work
* Flush cut and 45 degree crown (1911 and most auto pistols)

* Muzzle brake threading (RH unified thread, any pitch)
* Muzzle brake threading (LH unified thread, any pitch)
* Time brake/size exit hole, while in setup
* Badger FTE/Surefire can mount, etc.
* AK-47 style (Metric M14X1 LH thread)
* Supply/install KDF Slimline Blue or stainless steel
(We use KDF factory muzzle brakes, available only to KDF factory installers)

Barrel Liner Installation (Redman liner)

* .22 rimfire, 24″ and less
* .22 rimfire, over 24″
* .22 RF pistol with chamber
* .22 RF revolver
* Other calibers available

When you drop off your firearm, bring government issued ID. The initial inspection is free of charge. We will call you with the results. At this stage, the gunsmith may return your item, and no financial commitment on your part is required.

Cost depends on condition of the gun, availability of parts, and other factors. If deeper inspection reveals hidden problems, the initial estimate may be revised upward. “Bargain” guns paradoxically often cost a lot to fix, because less durable materials and inferior construction require extra time and materials.

You may wish to pay for a deeper inspection for $65. You will receive a repair/rehabilitation/refinishing estimate. We will outline what we believe needs to be done, which materials need to be ordered, and a rough timeline. That estimate is subject to change after work begins.

Custom Letter Engraving

* Gothic or connected script font of 30 characters or less (letters, spaces, punctuation, symbols) in 1 line
* Additional lines available at additional charge per line
* Additional letters available at additional charge, if space available

Custom Cerakoteā„¢ Coatings

We do custom Cerakoteā„¢ firearm coatings. We can color the steel parts of your firearm. If you wish, we can help you design a color and pattern combination. You can do one solid color, color blocking, or pattern creation.